Student Poster Contest on Plagiarism

This is a call to solicit student ideas for the Student Poster Contest on Plagiarism held within the framework of the project “Academic Integrity for Quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions in Georgia (INTEGRITY)”.

About the Project

The core objective of the EU-funded project INTEGRITY under Erasmus+ CBHE Call 2017 is to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in Georgian higher education institutions based on the principles of academic integrity. The Project envisages the development of policies, mechanisms and tools to facilitate the prevention and identification of plagiarism in higher education institutions in Georgia.


Like most countries in the world, Georgia faces a serious problem of plagiarism. A complex approach is needed to ensure that the principles of academic integrity are upheld, which includes prevention, identification and response to cases of plagiarism. In this process, it is of critical importance to raise the awareness of plagiarism among all stakeholders, including the awareness of the essence and types/forms of plagiarism.


Create a poster that will carry a communication message aimed at raising the awareness of plagiarism among all stakeholders and promoting loyalty to the principles of academic integrity.


The contest is open for all students of authorized higher education institutions in Georgia.

Target Audience

School students in their final years, university students and lecturers.

Tone of Voice

Professional, motivating, positive


The posters will be displayed on social networking sites and on the premises of 13 higher education institutions.

Poster Format:

  • Size: A3 file: .pdf
  • Deadline: 10 January 2020
  • Posters should be submitted at:
  • Indicate your name and surname in the email subject line

Contest Rules:

  1. Your submission should not be published via any media or social network before the results are announced.
  2. By sending your poster via email, you confirm that you are the author and hence the copyright holder.
  3. By taking part in the contest, the participants agree that the organizers can use the posters as necessary for their website, exhibitions and publications and any other materials (by citing the author).


  1. Does the poster comply with the contest requirements?
  2. How effectively does the poster communicate the message?
  3. How effective and technically accomplished is the poster design?


  1. 1200 ₾
  2. 800 ₾
  3. 500 ₾