Below you will find educational materials for HEI teachers and students, definitions and explanations of various terms related to academic integrity, guidelines for improvements in academic integrity and more useful materials developed by various institutions promoting integrity in academic sector. These materials can be used to enhance the current practice locally at your institutions.

  1. DCU Academic Integrity Principles – 
  2. European Network for Academic Integrity –
  3. International Centre for Academic Integrity –
  4. Plagiarism  in Details – 
  5. The Writing Centre of University of North Carolina –
  6. handbook of Academic Integrity at Massachusetts University of Technology –
  7. Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency –
  8. The Quality Educational Agency for Higher Education in UK – 
  9. Toolkit for Academic Integrity Reading University –
  10. Toolkit for Academic Integrity Berkley University of California – 
  11. Toolkit for Academic Integrity University of York –