On February 19, Giga Khositashvili, Deputy Director of the Library of the Ilia State University, gave a workshop on ” Why Academic Integrity Matters?”

The event was held on the occasion of Plagiarism Prevention Day, which is celebrated on February 19.

The speaker discussed academic integrity and plagiarism, and also touched on the issues such as plagiarism prevention; plagiarism and sanctions; academic writing course and its significance during the workshop.

The workshop was attended by Caucasus University students and administration. At the end of the meeting, the speaker answered questions from the audience. As part of the event, students viewed the quotes written on easels in the library and corridors and expressed their opinion on plagiarism on them. On this day, pins were made that echoed the theme of plagiarism.

Besides , the winners of the student competition on plagiarism and posters of Caucasus University students were placed in the library.

The aim of the project is to develop the quality of teaching and learning in Georgia’s higher education institutions in accordance with the principles of academic integrity. The project also aims to detect, eliminate and prevent plagiarism cases in Georgian higher education institutions.