12 Legal Representatives of ITEGRITY Consortium Member HEIs signing the Declaration of Academic Integirty

On October 5th, 2020 Ilia State University hosted the International Conference – “First International Conference on Academic Integrity” as a closing event organized within the frames of Academic Integrity for Quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions in Georgia (INTEGRITY; ref# 585841-EPP-1-2017-1-GE-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP).

Conference was officially opened by Prof. Giga Zedania (Rector of Ilia State University) followed by 12 HEI Legal Representatives (Rectors and Vice rectors) of Consortium Member HEIs signing the Declaration of Academic Integirty and thus officially expressing their commitment to assure the highest standards of academic integrity across teaching, learning and research environments as well as to provide ongoing support to raise awareness of academic integrity.

The conference brought together keynote scholars and representatives of national and international academic society to discuss various aspects of Academic integrity as well as share best practices and recommendations on protecting principles of academic integrity within institutions.

Project Acievements in Brief

  • Plagiarism Prevention & Detection Electronic Program Introduced in Georgian HEIs – 365 000 papers uploaded within the project lifetime;
  • Academic Writing Curriculum was reviewed and amended – In total 21 courses were amended on all three levels of study;
  • University Policies and Resources – with the help of project EU Partners consortium member 12 higher education institutions shaped their consistent framework of policies and regulations based on the principles of academic integrity;
  • More than 800 academic staff were trained; Trained staff lead more than 2600 study courses during tha roject lifetime;
  • Coherent and Consistent PR Plagiarism Awareness Campaign in HEIs in Georgia – Students having better understanding on the importance of academic integrity and are aware about various ways of plagiarism. Various events, competitions, multimedia resources engaged more than 50 000 students;

Final Conference Video Recording can be found here – https://fb.watch/2j3agLITJU/

More information about the project https://cutt.ly/IgwG5ve

Project Objectives: https://cutt.ly/NgwHwgH

Project partners:  https://cutt.ly/2gwG3wb